What I Support


     I oppose abortion. I favor all measures to prohibit the destruction of babies, except when the mother’s life is in immediate danger.


     They have made this country the richest nation on earth with the highest standard of living for Americans. I support a lean efficient government that resists over regulation and interference with commerce. I support policies that help small businesses succeed and create jobs.


     I am a strong supporter of the second amendment. I will be a vote for the rights of gun owners and I oppose federal interference.


     I voted in favor of legislation to provide insurance for many children with autism.


     I support the policies of low taxes and limited government that is improving the Kansas economy and adding new jobs. I support elimination of the income tax in Kansas.


     I supported the addition of $129 million in state aid to public schools and increased local control, a policy sought by Johnson County schools for many years and won this year under conservative leadership. We have increased school spending every year I’ve been in the Legislature. This year school districts have added more than 600 teachers.


     I am against extending Medicaid through the Obamacare law because of the enormous cost to the state in future years and the burden it will place on Kansas taxpayers. I supported the Health Care Compact which if passed by the US Senate next year, will allow Kansas and other states to remove Obamacare at their discretion. 


     The Legislature abolished the statute of limitations on the prosecution of rape cases.

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And Awards

Kansans for Life Political Action Committee

KFL LogoThe endorsement is awarded to those who demonstate their desire to protect unborn children.

Kansas Chamber Political Action Committee

Kansas Chamber logo

"The Chamber PAC is committed to supporting hard-working candidates who will fight to make Kansas the best state in the nation to do business." Chamber PAC Chairman Justin Hill.

National Federation of Independent Business

NFIB logo Keith was awarded a 100% rating from the NFIB for his support of small business.


Quality Schools for All Kansas Kids

Quality Schools logo"We are grateful for your strong support of education, particularly your votes this year for a $176 million increase in K-12 funding and more local control for the parents, teachers, and school boards who know their children best."

The Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau logo“Volunteer farmers and ranchers from our county Farm Bureau organizations met, reached consensus and forwarded their views to the VOTE FBF board.” 

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2014 Taxpayer Champion Award from the Kansas Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. Lawmakers were scored on votes taken on spending, tax reform, Medicaid, education policy and energy mandates.

Kansas Rifle Association PAC

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Endorsed for re-election by the Kansas Rifle Association PAC, an affiliate of the NRA.


The Kansas Policy Institute's Freedom Index

Keith scored an 80 percent on the index, which measures his votes on economic freedom issues and student-focused education. This is one of the highest scores among the 165 legislators. The KPI does not endorse or oppose candidates.


A Word of Thanks

Election night: Thank you to everyone in District 14 for re-electing me. I look forward to serving you for another two years.

Keith's Chili Fest

Rep. Keith Esau held a Chili Fest Saturday Oct. 18 to honor his campaign volunteers and supporters. Keith is running for re-election to the Kansas House from the 14th District, which includes parts of Olathe and Lenexa. (Video by Jim Sullinger Strategies LLC)

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